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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be on your own front door!

It (was) beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!ChristmasDecorations
Everywhere you (went)


Soon the bells (did) startChristmasTreeCollage
And the thing that (made) them ring is the carol that we (sang)


Right within our heartsOutsideChristmasCollage
A little late, but better late than never right?! More to come about our Christmas this year, but this is what it (looked) like at our house this year. We (I) had everything out and setup the day after Thanksgiving! I went out of town the week after and came home to outside lights! Trav was nice enough to hang them while I was gone. ..Now, if only he'd be nice enough to *un-hang* them this weekend.

We had a little more room this year so I was able to set up a village. Most people (I think) don't do villages as much anymore, but this is something that has been passed down as a tradition from generation to generation. In fact, most of my *village* this year was provided by my Grandma throughout the years. I know she'd be proud, and I can't wait to keep adding to it each year!

We had a real tree this year (same as always). I took it down New Years Day, and woah. Now I know why Trav is not so much a fan of real trees. (I'm not going to tell him it was a pain, though. Definitely not telling.) I didn't want to take precious vaccuuming time away and use it for counting pine needles, but I bet there were a million spread out on my carpet/'s.cleaned.up.

I'll be going through Christmas Day pictures this week so stay tuned!!

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