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Monday, February 15, 2010

Travis-Bad Liar / Jessica-Great Guesser.

Let's get the background stuff taken care of first.

Time period: One week ago.
Setting: Jessica and Travis, talking on the phone.
Length of phone call: Probably less than 2 minutes, because that's just how Trav rolls.

Travis: Oh, and by the way...I got your birthday present today. I think you're really going to like it. You've wanted one FOREVER!

Jessica: You did?! What is it? What have I wanted FOREVER? (Because that's always the first quesion asked, for some strange reason. I mean why not at least TRY and get it out of 'em then and there, right?)

Travis: Riiight..You'll just have to wait till your birthday!

*Later that night*

Jessica: So, I've wanted one forever huh...? Hm...Well give me a hint!

Travis: No! You'll just have to wait!

Jessica: Well why did you tell me!! You should have just kept it a secret until my birthday, now I might have to try and find it!!

Travis: You will never find it. (Which led me to my first clue)

Jessica: Well, Valentine's day is closer than my birthday and the suspense might kill me. (Hint..hint..) Just sayin.

*Even later that night*

Travis: Oh, and I'd tell you what else I bought today, but you're going to be I won't.

Jessica: Whatever you're trying to accomplish's working. I'm not scared to beat this information out of you. You wanna go rounds?

...I didn't really say that, but I should have...

Travis: I got my fishing license, I tried to get one for you too, but they wouldn't let me without your license! (We usually get them on the same day so they expire together, so he thought I would be mad, but it gave my my second clue so I was okay with it.)

Jessica: I've figured it out!!! I know exactly what you got me for my birthday :) It's an Ugly Stik, isn't it?!?! Thanks SO much babe!!! I seriously have wanted one for so long!!

Travis: No, it isn't. Duh, why would I get you an Ugly Stik?? That's retarded.

Jessica: You're a horrible liar. Thanks again though babe, I'll act surprised still! I love you!

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