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Monday, December 29, 2008


This weekend was a very important one when it comes to football!! The Minnesota Vikings needed a win against the Giants -OR- the Bears needed to lose against the Texans. Well, guess what happened?? BOTH OF THEM!! The Vikings score was 20-19! Longwell kicked a field goal during the last couple of seconds for the win by ONE POINT! By the time he was kicking the field goal, we already knew the Bears had lost, which meant...the Vikings CLINCHED THE DIVISION and we are in the playoffs!!! How nice was it though to end with a win against the Giants? So freakin nice! Our poor neighbors, I am sure they hear us every Sunday! The vikings have not won their division since 2000. It has been 8 years!! It's about time! We play the Eagles next week at the dome. First game of the playoffs :) Here we come!!

P.S. A LOT of people ask Trav and I if we liked different teams when we met and the answer is no! As crazy as it seems, we were both die hard vikings fans when we met. It couldn't have worked out any better! ;)
I am going to post pictures because is a pretty big moment for us :)

Haha after Longwell kicked the field goal to win the game!
Ryan Longwell!
Peterson running in for a touchdown!

Tarvaras Jackson, our QB. I hesitate to even post this picture because of what happened during the beginning of the season, but he has come back and been a huge asset!

Taylor doing what he does best!!

Our boys!!
PS...Christmas pictures soon to come!!

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