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Monday, December 8, 2008

It's almost Christmas!!

As I've said before,

I. Love. This. Time. Of. The. Year.

Everyone is just so kind and thoughtful. For the most part. There are some exceptions when you have shoppers who procrastinate and shop at the last minute and think that they are going to be the only ones in the store shopping and therefore are irritated when they find out that 90% of the population is doing the same thing. I am not an irritated shopper, but I see a lot of unchristmassy things happen with said shoppers.

Anyway, other than those shoppers, everyone is so kind during this season. Now I have a story to prove that point! So, Trav and I are driving home from my grandma's house the other night and we were talking about renting a movie from Redbox. So, we go to Redbox, pick our our movie (Fred Clause, which was fantastic btw) and run the debit card. We have had this debit card for a long time and it is time to order a new one but the last time we ordered a new one, it took about 2 months total to get it finally, so it's not just a simple process. This current card will work every once in awhile but sometimes it just doesnt work at all. Well, this was one of the times where it wasn't going to work at all. I feel so bad thinking about it but there was a lady who pulled up and got in line behind us, patiently waiting to rent her movie and neither of us turned around and apologized for how long we were taking because we just kept trying to run the card over and over, because unfortunately, that is the only thing that makes it work. After we had been standing there for about 10-15 minutes trying to run the card, and freeeezing! We decided to just forget renting the movie and let the lady behind us get her movie. We both went back to the car and I remembered that we had a rebate card that still had $1 or $2 on it so we decided to give that a shot as soon as the lady had picked her movie and left. So, we waited in the car. While we were waiting, she walked over to us with a movie in her hand...Travis rolls down the window and she says "Here you go. I just rented it for you guys. I could tell you were having some troubles with your card or something." What a NICE thing to do. She rented it for us, on her card. Not knowing us....never even seen us before, yet, she rents the movie for us just because she could tell we were having problems. Thank you so much lady, you are so awesome. Put me in the holiday time spirit that much more! Next time I promise I will turn around and apologize because after she did that, we both felt worse for not doing so the first time! The world needs more people like that!

Other than that, it is so fun to get family together that you don't normally see very often. I love, love, love decorating for the season! I love that even though it is close to Christmas time, you can go into Robert's or Michaels and all of their Christmas decorations are 50-75% off instead of being super high priced because of the demand. I love the snow and how it makes everything look so pretty! I love the crazyness of Christmas day, going to 3 or 4 different dinners, trying to squeeze them all in but still enjoying every minute with everyone! It is just so much fun this time of year!

We put our tree up this weekend and I took a few pictures! Enjoy :)

I think we are going to go look for a bigger/better star. This is the one we had last year. It just looks so tiny compared to the tree, lol.

New tree skirt! $10 at Roberts :)

Part of the villiage, is extremely hard to do a village on the tree skirt that already has decorations!! (It is something I will continue to do though, passed down from my Grandparents) any ideas?

Our tree!

And again!

Close-up of part of the village

The other side of the village


Music is Life said...

that is a cute story jess oh and your house is cute always =] love the tree! I love christmas too im so excited it started snowing today!!! =]

Jessica and Travis said...

Such a cute story, huh? Taught both of us a great lesson. I guess we each need to take our time to pay it forward now. That was so nice of her!

Thanks. My cute house took a lot of time and messyness to get the way it is haha, but I love it too!

ME TOO! I posted this blog, saying I love the snow...AND IT STARTED SNOWING! How awesome is that? Maybe next year I will have to post a similar blog in Novemberish...I dont want to wait until December 8th again, no way!

Maybe I will go post for it to rain right now...this could be super sweet if it works haha!

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