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Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend recap

We went fishing this weekend!! We're so excited that fishing weather is finally here!! Although we didn't catch anything, we still had a good time! I couldn't catch a picture of it but there were some people there flying *HUGE* remote control airplanes. Like, big enough that I thought someone was in them. Even after they were doing crazy twists and turns in the sky. I just figured they were crazy!! I'm glad I figured out on my own that they were just remote controlled. That would have been an awkward conversation.

Trav claims he "almost" caught Moby Dick. Conveniently enough, he only "almost catches Moby Dick" every time I'm not around.

It was super fun though!! I can't wait to go again!

Saturday night we had a BBQ with some friends, and then again on Sunday with some family! It was definitely a good break in for our new BBQ! SO looking forward to future barbecues! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!!

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Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Cute pictures!! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!! I love BBQ's!!

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