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Friday, April 23, 2010

Our new place!

aka- one of the *many* things that's been keeping us busy, busy!

After lots of driving and searching and looking and meeting and talking and deciding, we've finally found the perfect little home!

We've been here for about a week now so some things (thesparebedroommightstillbefullofboxes) still need to be done, but I can finally say the hardest part is over!! WOOHOO!!

So, of course you're wondering...what are the "goods"?

Well I'll clear that up for ya. Because I would hate for you to sit and wonder.

We now have two bedrooms.
We now have a yard.
Every room is roomier than our previous place.
I. Have. A. Garden.
I also have an area to be creative with and plant flowers.
We have the coolest little yard, setback from the street.
Our neighbors have a portable fire pit thingy and fires with neighbors from all over is a weekend norm.
We live in Sandy. =Cute neighborhood. =Close to family.
I am so so so much closer to Target.
Plus lots more. We are so stoked!!

Here are some pictures. Remember...I'm not completely done with the place, but here's what we're excited about, so far.

One of the biggest reasons we moved is because we really needed a yard. Trey needed a yard. Summer is coming. We wanted a place to sit and relax and enjoy the nice weather! (Although it has rained every day since we've had our yard..but that's another story for another day.) And well, we just really, really wanted a yard. So, when we first started moving our stuff in, the first thing we discussed was how soon we'd be able to afford a BBQ!! We decided we'd both save and get one as soon as possible! This was a must!!

Little did we know, almost at the exact moment we were talking about buying one, my wonderful family was shopping for one!!

My Grandma called me on Tuesday and said her and my Aunt were going to come by and hang out for a bit. I thought nothing of it.

An hour passed and still no Grandma.

I auto assume she's picking out some flowers for me, and some rad gardening stuff since she knew I was pretty excited about starting that up.

Finally we get a call and it's Grandma telling us to come out front and "help carry in some flowers."

I was spot on. Or so I thought!

I went straight to the back, and popped open the hatch only to find a. freekin. barbecue!!

I was so confused because I was totally expecting flowers, not this beauty!!

The first thing that came out was "For Real???" I think at that point I still thought there were flowers inside, or maybe it was stuffed with garden shovels and the works. Needless to say, it was one of the best surprises ever!! We love it!!!! Thank you so so so so so so so much guys!! :) Now we'll work on a table and some chairs and some cute lights and tiki torches! The list goes on and on!

Here are a couple pictures of our *outside* area! We love the carport thingy, and look at the view from our front door!! It's sooo nice to not be right on the street!! It's so peaceful!

Here is where I slightly brag about my flowers. I. Actually. Got. Them. To. Bloom!!! Somewhere, somehow, something was done right!! So sweet!!

Kitchen, Bedroom, and the only sliver of the laundry room I'm willing to expose at this moment.

Lots of shots of the living room. I love how it turned out!

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