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Monday, April 19, 2010

So disappointed in myself.

Here are the facts.

Fact: I'm the biggest fan flip flops. In the world.
Fact: I have more flip flops than anyone I know.
Fact: My camera is dead right now :( but if I could take a picture, I would show you some flip flop shaped post it notes from Hawaii and a paperclip holder that is a flip flop and a keychain from sea world, that is in the shape of a flip flop. These things came from people who know about my love for flip flops. (Oh, and I'd show you pictures of our new house!!!)
Sad Fact: Flip flops are not allowed at work.
Fact: Except for 1 or 2 days a year where they are allowed only as a part of a competition.
Fact: Today is one of those days.
Sad Fact: I. forgot. to. wear. my. freekin. flip. flops.
Fact: I even painted my toes all cute and glittery and summery last night.
Fact: I'm going home to change my outfit at lunch.

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