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Monday, March 29, 2010

Trip To Wendover!

We went to Wendover the weekend before my *Grandma's surgery. It was a nice, little getaway! What we came home with was even nicer, though!! Check out the pics :)

*More on that later.

Auntie Tammy drove, Grandma played the "frontseat, backseat driver." Kass, Auntie Krisine, and I all sat in back and played as the actual "backseat driver's" Auntie Tammy must have loved it! ;) Who could ever be so lucky?! Other than that, we kept ourselves occupied by *games that every road tripping individual should be aware of.

*"Snaps" is or is not the name of the game, ABC--Movie Game, and I'm going on a picnic and I'm Google these if you have time, they are worth it!

I'm just now realizing that most of these pictures were taken while in the car and most likely driving. :S. Don't try that at home, kids. That's a bad example.

TA-DAH!! This is what Auntie Kristine and I brought home! Poker was good to us that particular weekend :)...Next time I'll have to take "how to hold money and not look like a retard" tips from Auntie Kristine before we attempt a picture. I promise I'll work on it. For now, please ignore my oddly shaped fingers.

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