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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just use the other door.

Here's the thing...I understand the need for a handicapped door and I have nothing against the purpose. At all. I do, however, think they should serve as both a handicapped door, and a regular door. If you'd like the door to open for you, the button and there you go. If you'd like to open the door yourself, then it should allow you full access.

See, I'm a door swinger. This means when I open a door...I *open* the door with a little umph...

My strength seems to backfire on me each morning as I'm walking into work because for some reason 1)I never remember to just use the other door and my problem will be solved and 2)The handicap door lets you attempt to swing it open with umph but halfway, it's like a dead stop and then it s l o w l y opens, and 3) I'm so sure of my timing that as soon as I swing the door open, I walk right in...

With the combination of 1, 2, and 3...I'm left, standing halfway through the door, looking like some idiot who just walked into a door.


kel said...

Dear Jessica, I just wanted to stop by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! (I know that you will get this before all of those lame facebook messages . . .) And I also wanted to say thank-you! Thank you for making me laugh uncontrollably in situations where I should be very quiet like the library or at work. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face just by simply seeing that your status is updated! Thank you for being honest and not try to hide your blonde ways and then also sharing them with the world! I must say that if you were to ever stop blogging I think that I would sink into some bad sort of depression, so please don't!
So Jessica, THANK YOU and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ~kel

Trav and Jessica said...

Aw Kel!

Thank YOU!! I'm glad that you come back to read my stories! I'm going to Vegas tomorrow for my birthday so I should have some stories to blog about seeing as how I basically can't go anywhere without, you know...eating shrimp with the shells still on, running 12 mph on a treadmill, or hopping in random vehicles...occupied by random people, and acting like I own the place! You know...the simple things :)

Happy to bring a smile to your face! Have a super day!

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