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Friday, January 16, 2009

Poker time

So, Trav and I have been on a poker kick lately. It's been really fun! We are both so competitive so it's fun for us to get out and play some poker. Last night Trav didnt really feel like going, so I went by myself (No, I am not addicted. It is free and fun:)) How it works is they will start out with 6 or 7 tables...depending on the night...and then as people get out, they move andbreak everyone down until they get to one, MAIN table. Usually, when we play we make it to the last 2 or 3 tables. One time I got 7th place overall :)...that's right...THE MAIN TABLE! Anyway so once enough people get out, they have what is called a "side table." The winner of the side table gets to then move back into the main and they will give you the average number of chips everyone has so you are not like WAY behind. The second place winner of the table gets a bar tab which is so sweet because they have homeade pizza and it is fantastic :) (I've won the bar tab as well)

K, so now you understand fully what is going on here is the story!

Last night, I am sitting at the side table (It was actually the third one of the night because I stayed in the main for so long!!) and the FIRST HAND I am dealt pocket 4's.

BAM. Pocket 4's.

--On a sidetable people get craaasssie. At least one person goes all in per hand so if you win a hand, it's really good. So, I'm here with my pocket fours. Blinds were one and two, so I pay my two. Someone raises to 8 total. I figure what the hell...I might as well call it. So, I match their 8. We see the flop.

BAM! The flop.

He checks. card. I'm at two pair. Pretty good. Two really low pairs, but still good. Maybe I'll get a boat.

The turn comes.

He bets 1200. I'm already in it. I'm sitting with two pair. He usually calls and bets crazy stuff. I got this.

Here's the river!

He goes all in. I HAVE to call. I've got the boat! Thank God...This is a HUGE pot!!
I call and push all of my chips forward.
We show.
His hand- 10, 2.
My hand- 4's.
WE. BOTH. HAD. THE. BOAT. Only...he had the 10's. I lost the FIRST hand with a full house!!! Crap, crap, crappppy!


Music is Life said...

Haha yeah I have like a bunch more that I want to post but I was soooo tired that night! haha when it comes down to it I am just waaaaaaaaaay lazy! haha but I have not seen you in a while! whats going on?? oh by the way i didnt even read this blog hahaha is it interesting? should I read it? haha

Courtney & Dan said...

Woo hoo!! LoL!! How fun!! I suck at Poker.

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