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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy aka Crappy New Year

I havent wanted to write this post because I try to stay away from negativeness on the blog but I havent blogged about our new year yet!

So far in 2009:
Car got broken into= loss of 80 ipod, cell phone (along with sim card and extra memory card), and ipod car charger/adapter.
Debit card lost/stolen.
Vikings lose to the Eagles in the first playoff game.
Had to call the bank and close the debit card and request for a new one to be sent, it should be 10 days before we receive it. 10 days without a debit card. How exciting.
Checks no longer work at places that run them as debit. (We found this out yesterday after driving 45 mins on horrible roads AND after shopping for dinner and waiting in line to check out.)
Lost my favorite adidas perfume.
Accidentally stepped in the FREEZING snow with my bare foot, (Don't ask)

Other than those things, the new year has been fantastic :) New Years Eve was really fun, we went to our friends house and hung out with them plus a few others! We made homeade pigs in a blanket, which turned out delicious!! Our friends have a little two year old that cracks me up! It was so much fun playing with her throughout the night! Kids that age say and do the funniest things!! I will post pictures of that night however her pictures NEVER show a smile! lol...she will see a camera, and say pictures, but she hates them!! haha...I'll post them later today, I dont have my camera with me right now!

Maybe we're just getting all of the mishaps out of the way this week and then the rest of the year will be fantastic :) Yep, that's the plan!

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