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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The right place at the right time?

Updated--with picture!!

As you can see in the picture, it's not like they could see the man from a distance. It's like his bum was almost touching the window.

I wanted a picture for this story, because I think it would immensely help with the visualization but unfortunately that's not happening anytime soon so put on your thinking caps, and use your imagination!!

I was at the gym the other day, and decided to take advantage of the attached tanning place afterwords.

I walk in, and they indicate there is a 13 minute wait for the bed I want. No biggie. I take a seat, and patiently wait.

A few minutes into the wait a group of 6-ish girls walks in. They are hysterically laughing. In fact, one of them even falls on the floor.

Annoyed, but extremely interested, I'm thinking "Seriously?! What could be that funny?"

Then one of them says to the lady behind the desk "Are you aware there is a man in that room (points to a room with a *huge* window which faces the front of the tanning place), and he's undressing and putting lotion on? And also, he didn't close the blinds"

*Insert laughs coming from everyone in the room*

(It's at this point that I wonder what exactly the man *is* doing...he's in a room, about ready to tan. Putting lotion on, and he thinks no one is watching. Is he flexing? Checking out his muscles? Putting lotion on his feet? (Sorry for that image..but if I have to have it, then so do you!) ...And the laughing is uncontrollable.

Lady behind the counter turns completely red and says "Alex...?"

Manly voice: "Uh..yeah?"

"Did you close the blinds?"

"Well...(long pause)the windows are tinted...right?!"

"No, no they're not. Sorry..."


Then one of the 6 girls who walked in broke the awkwardness with a kind "Dude, we saw it all!"

How nice of her!!

That poor, poor man!! he came out of that room when he was done tanning is beyond me!!

His "goodbye" consisted of:

"So, did you all see everything?"

I mean, I wasn't expecting much of a goodbye..after all...there was *no way* he was going to even come close to his entrance. Dude totally came in with a bang. And a show.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

Oh man!! (no pun intended!)
I woulda paid good $ to have been there with ya!!! I love when stuff like this happens. Makes my day.

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