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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Love. Hate.

I love that I had Friday off. (If you're keeping track, that's a three day weekend for me! WOOT!)
Hate that I had a Dr. appointment on Friday, and that they drew blood. :( (I don't know how I'll ever manage when I'm prego. I had to ask the blood drawing lady to please stop because I was about to pass out. Sweaty, numb, Nauseous, Chills, Dizzy...the whole bit.)
Love that I was so productive on Friday! (Ended up going to about 9 different places. Gotta love day off errands!)
Hate that I had to make a Dr. appointment for Mrs. Lappy. Turns out she was really sick, and I had to leave her with Dr. Mac over night! :( it was my first night without her, and I found out that I have serious attachment issues. Plus, it was sort of a strain to get comfy while I was holding my iPhone, watching Housewives.
Love that I was able to pick Mrs. Lappy up today, and now she's all better!!
Hate that I had to drive in a really scary snow storm!
Love the snow storm now that I'm home!
Love that I set up the house for our Christmas tree!! Can't wait!
Love that AK hung out at the house for awhile.
Love The Price is Right on Wii.
Love staying in on this wintery night!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!!

PS- Things to come:
Halloween cubicle decorating contest pictures! (Hopefully before Thanksgiving!)
Remember when I did something really exciting a couple Fridays ago? Well...I finally got what I was waiting for in the mail, and I'll be blogging about that very shortly!
Christmas/House pictures!

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