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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Idaho. Bad Weather. Roman's 3! Cake Decorating Pros.

*No, this is not what I did on Friday. I'm still waiting for something to come in the mail!*

This is a "I've been slacking and this happened around 3 weeks ago, but is post worthy" post.

So, first and most importantly--I was in Idaho for my bestie's son's birthday party. THIRD birthday party. I can't really believe those 3 words. How has it already been three years since the day I met his 4 pound self in the hospital?! Wow!

I do have to say though, that the older he gets, the better the parties are! He is so animated about everything! He went cake shopping with us and was so let down when we walked out of almost every store without a cake!

"Where my birt-day cake?!" he kept saying over and over.

To calm him down, we tried to give him some rice krispy treats (Every kids favorite, right?)


"I don't yike it."

--I might have given him things all weekend (knowing he didn't like them) so I could hear that adorable phrase.--


It was a football themed party this year, and since Roman doesn't just sit in one's a bit of a challenge to get multiple good pictures of the kid. (Unless you count a blurry, motion picture as a good picture.)

This years dilemma was the cake! Mari forgot to pre-order the cake and all cake stores need at least 24 hours notice! What were we to do?!

Well, we finally resorted to buying to ColdStone cakes (has to be ice cream cake!!)


Totally football themed, right?

Yeah..we had a little work to do!


This was the end result and I think they turned out SO wonderful!! Especially for this being our first time acting as cake decorators! I think we took up an even harder challenge being that these cakes were ice cream cakes! Decoration=takes lots of time + ice cream cake=melts in no time= Not a good combination!

But we handled it, and they turned out so cute! Roman even "yiked" them, so that was a plus, too!

Another plus was whoever bought him his "I-Man" (Iron Man) action figure. The kid could not put it down. (See pictures!)--I think I-Man may have even had a little taste of the cake. How sweet of Roman to share!

The drive home was really scary. The weather was bad! In fact, it rained non-stop from Friday until Sunday, and didn't slow down at all on the way home!


As always though, it was good times, and totally worth the drive! Next up, Presley's SECOND birthday party! I cannot believe how fast the time is going!

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